Power yoga during a snow storm


Close friends and befriended photographers have reviewed my body of work. One of the observations was that they characterized many of my images as "solitude". On the one hand I recognize this finding. On the other hand the compliment surprised me. These contrasting findings made me wonder, triggered me to scan my portfolio, to start digging into my feelings, trying to recall what emotions I had just before pressing the shutter release while making photo's with a solitude signature. What exactly is my definition of solitude?

Of course I consulted google and wikipedia, discovered that researchers recently rejected the notion that solitude is inherently dysfunctional and undesirable, but rather enhances self esteem, generates clarity and can be highly therapeutic.

While scanning my gallery, I discovered that I want to share the feeling of moments when people are interacting with their environment in a relaxed content state absorbing the world without judgement. My photo's appear as if time has stopped to listen to them. Photo's are captured when people experience joy, happiness, when they are in close contact with themselves, their environment, what they do and who they are.

While continuing to scan my image library, it appeared that many photo's where taken at remote locations, where people live in solitude at a beautiful spot in the middle of nature. In most cases, these remote homes are not rentable. Some of these places of silence are cut off from internet, electricity, daily comfort we can't imagine living without. Other remote locations have all imaginable  luxury, and are located, as an oase, in the middle of dense cities. 

To me, solitude means the opposite of city life chaos. While taking these type of images, I happen to be often away from home, alone, in weather circumstances that are not often described as comfortable holiday sunny sky type of whether. Bad weather is often good photo weather. Daily city life is stuffed with appointments, tight deadlines, long days of concentrated working. Most of the solitude photo's originate when I am away from every day routines, away from the noise and the smell of the city. Mostly, physical endurance is needed to get to the right spot making sure I get a physical and mental reset while being in close contact with the elements, with earth.

I encourage you to view this small portfolio, to distract your mind from your daily routines, even if it is only a few minutes, to step into the world of solitude. Enjoy. 

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